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  • Specialized BF Sport Handschoen

    Specialized BF Sport Handschoen  Comfortable, economical, and performance-driven, our Body Geometry Sport gloves are the perfect entry-level gloves for recreational riders. They feature strategically placed, fatigue reducing foam padding throughout the palm, a durable synthetic leather palm construction, and a contoured wrist closure that's both...

    € 24,90
  • Specialized BG Gel Handschoenen

    Specialized BG Gel Handschoenen  The gel padding found on our Body Geometry Gel Long Finger gloves provides the maximum levels of comfort and coverage, all while minimizing fatigue and numbness like no long finger glove before it. They also include our Wiretap™ technology that makes them compatible with touchscreens for use with mobile devices and CPUs,...

    € 44,90
  • Specialized BG Gel Handschoen

    Specialized BG Gel Handschoen  Our Body Geometry Gel gloves are all about comfort. They feature strategically placed gel pads throughout the palm to alleviate hand fatigue by relieving pressure on the ulnar nerve. This design also comes with the added benefit of minimizing hand numbness, as well as reducing many other negative effects that come as a...

    € 39,90


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